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Ingmar Steen (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#38 Enable sorting/adjusting width for columns user interface 0.9.0 enhancement 04/15/07

I have quite a number of songs with very long titles, albums or artist names. It would be great if I could adjust the column widths by dragging it, and sort search results according to fields by clicking on the column headers.

#12 Implement threaded database operations. user interface 0.9.0 enhancement 04/01/07

Currently, the user interface blocks when an action on the database is performed (update, search). By moving those operations in a seperate thread, the user interface will stay responsive. Search results should probably be inserted into the model in batches from the main thread to reduce possible deadlocks in GTK+.

Note: filed under user interface since this is mostly toolkit dependent.

#53 MethLab Should Launch Player unspecified defect 06/19/08

Methlab should launch Audacious if ML gets launched before the player instead of reverting to the dummy driver like it does now.

Samuel (1 match)

#56 Media player driver with command audioplayer drivers enhancement 01/05/09

Add a media player driver that takes a command, like "mocp -a %filename" or so. This way almost all linux players should be able to be addressed, without using specific driver for each.

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