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    1 = MethLab File Layout =
     1= !MethLab File Layout =
    33This page describes the structure of the !MethLab source code.
    4242 * Helper functions and classes to transparently support TagPy, old TagPy and Mutagen in the filesystem source.
    4343 * Contains a helper function to extract a numerical part from a string.
     45== [ trunk/pymethlab/drivers] ==
     46Contains the audio player drivers that allow !MethLab to communicate with several audio players.
     47 * Scans the drivers directory for valid audio player drivers by importing all modules and checking if they export a DRIVERS variable.
     48 * Driver for communicating with Audacious through its DBUS interface.
     49 * Dummy driver. Acts as a fallback and does absolutely nothing.
     50 * Driver for communicating with MPD.
     51 * 3rd party library for communicating with MPD.
     52 * Driver for communicating with XMMS using the PyXMMS library.
     53 * Driver for communicating with XMMS2 using XMMS2's python library.
     54 * Third party library that allows for communicating with XMMS, Beep and (old) Audacious using ctypes.
     55 * Drivers for communicating with XMMS, Beep and (old) Audacious using the 3rd party xmmsalike library.