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MethLab from Subversion

There are currently two ways to get the 'bleeding edge' version of MethLab but before you download it, make sure you have the necessary Dependencies installed.

Download a development snapshot

The easiest way of getting the MethLab sourcecode is downloading an up to date snapshot of the repository here. The advantage is that you need no extra tools besides your webbrowser and an unzip program to get and extract it. Downside is that if you want to update the snapshot, you'll have to download it again.

Using Subversion

If you have a Subversion ('svn') client installed, you can also download a copy of the MethLab sourcecode using that. The advantage is that it's easy to update your copy to the latest and greatest.

Checking out a copy of MethLab

To download the MethLab source code for the first time, type:

svn checkout methlab

Starting MethLab

When you've 'checked out' your copy of MethLab, you can run it without having to compile or install anything:

cd methlab

Updating MethLab

If you want to update your copy of MethLab, type:

cd methlab
svn update

More information

For more information about Subversion, visit the Subversion homepage.

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