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About MethLab

What is it?

MethLab is a music library manager that allows you to perform queries on your music. It can also interface with various music players to play or enqueue the results of your query.


MethLab aims to provide:

  • A clean and simple to understand (and to use) interface.
  • A non-instrusive addition to the music player you're already using.

Supported platforms

MethLab is being developed on arch linux so that is the primary 'target'. However, there should be very little platform dependant code (exception being the audio player drivers). As long as you get the dependencies installed, MethLab will probably run. MethLab would run on windows if there was a useful audio player driver.

Supported players

Currently, MethLab supports a handful of players: XMMS, Beep, Audacious and MPD. The MPD audio player driver can only be used with the MPD database source.

Database sources

MethLab collects its data from a database source. Currently two database sources are included with MethLab: the filesystem source and the MPD source. The filesystem source uses a tagging library (tagpy or mutagen) to extract metadata tags from the files in your music library. The MPD source connects to the music player daemon and synchronizes MethLab's database with the MPD library. The MPD source only works with the MPD audio player driver.

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